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A brief introduction of DR. ANAND BHARDWAJ Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the most renowned personalities among the world’s leading consultants dealing in Vastu Shastra, Fengshui & Pyramidology, past life regression, Pranic Healing, Aura Scanning etc. Born in 1957, he is amongst the seasoned Vastu advisors with a large experience in this field. He is an M.A., M.B.A. (HRD), Ph.D (Sociology), Ph.D. (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) thus perhaps he bears one of the highest qualified status among Vastu advisors. His title of research for Ph.D. Degree was Scientific Application of Five Elements In Vastu Science, which is in itself a rare topic specifically focusing on the scientific facet of Vastu science. In his D.Sc. he has devised a new era to Vastu research & development by way of introduction of voice recording from earth vibrations. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the founder director of International Institute of Vaidic Culture (IIVC) with its head office located at 12, DDA Market, A-Block, Sarita Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110076, (INDIA) registered under the Indian Registration Act, 1908. The institute provides a platform to do research and development with Vastu and allied sciences under the guidance of its esteemed founder Director Dr. Anand Bhardwaj & its renowned faculty members. It is committed to propagate the age old Indian culture and heritage in such a manner so that it may flourish internationally and create a conducive environment to serve the whole humanity. “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” – The Whole World Is One Family” is the fundamental ideology of the institute. He is a freelance Consultant, Working as a Leading Vastu, Fengshui & Pyramidology Consultant providing Services for Industries, Houses, Business Premises, Banquet Halls, Showrooms, Crushers, Showrooms, Shops, Nursing Homes & other Establishments, Structures / plans Of Plots etc. Till now he has delivered numerous lectures on Vastu in different Countrywide Seminars etc. ACHIEVEMENTS: Many times he has been awarded, rewarded & honoured by many Vaidic/ Social, and Cultural Heritage Organisations with medals, trophies and Mementoes like Institute of Vastu Science, G.K.I, Dew Delhi, Panch Tatwa, Gobind Puri, New Delhi, Bhawna Kala Mandir, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, All India Brahmin Sabha, Narnaul, IVS, Ghaziabad Chapter, Parichay Times, Daily News Paper, New Delhi. This is a part of an exhaustive index of achievements. Besides the above, given opportunities to address large audience in different seminars, symposiums, workshops etc. PUBLICATION / PRINT-MEDIA: Hundreds of articles, write-ups & interviews have been published in a number of national international news papers, magazines, journals & Periodicals like Navbharat Times, Dainik Tribune, Rashtriya Sahara, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari, Navbharat (Bhopal), Rajasthan Patrika (Jaipur), Lokmat Samachar (Nagpur), Dainik Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Navbharat (Nagpur), Aaj (Varanasi), Divya Himachal (H.P.), Vikas Bulletin, Kapurthala (Punjab)Maha Megha (Delhi), Rajpath (Delhi),Sri India (Banda-U.P.), Janprawah (Agra), Dandakaranya Samachar (Jagdalpur), Sun Marg (Calcutta), Pratap Kesari (Sri Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan), Uttar Ujala (Nainital), Meerut Samachar (Meerut-U.P.), Bijnaur Times (Bijnaur-U.P.), Dainik Rajdarpan (Vidarbh, Maharashtra), Aacharan (Sagar-M.P.), Parichay (Delhi), United Bharat (Allahabad) and in numerous other…… Articles Published in Magazines: N.R.I. (Monthly International Magazine), Complete wellness, Apollo Group’s, B-Positive, Sattva, Lawyers Update, Sakhi Magazine (Dainik Jagran Group), Vastu Evam Jyotish (Diamond Comics Publication), Delhi, Jyotish Megha (Delhi), Khirki Family Magazine (Delhi), Vaidyaraj (Quarterly Magazine) and so on ……… ELECTRONIC MEDIA: Television Programmes on Vastu relayed on ABP News, Zee News CG, Live India News Channel, P-7 Channel, Total TV, Sadhna T.V., SITI Channel, Win Cable have been telecast. Many talks have been relayed from All India Radio on various Topics like: Social Welfare, Mass Awareness, Rural Development, etc. HIS SPECIALITY: Use of the most advanced Vastu tool/ instrument/ equipment etc. like Cosmo-telluric Sensor/ Geopathic Stress Gauge, E.M.F. Sensor, digital compass etc. keeps him technologically advanced. Working on Scientific logics & explanations is my strength. The high qualification, long experience & advanced knowledge distinguishes from other traditional Vastu consultants of India. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Is highest qualified and Best Vastu consultant of the world in Delhi From India with MA, MBA Topper , Ph.D (Soc), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. eq. D.Lit(Vatu) with almost 39 years’ experience in Vastu Consultancy services in Delhi NCR and I am the third generation into this noble field & have expertise in Vastu corrections without demolition, even then as a Vastu scientist & always contemplate on doing further new research & development in Vastu Shastra.” Therefore I am ahead of other Vastu Shastra consultants. he is located in delhi and he is Vastu consultant in india,Vastu Consultant in Andhra Pradesh,Vastu Consultant in Arunachal Pradesh,Vastu Consultant in Assam,Vastu Consultant in Bihar,Vastu Consultant in Chhattisgarh,Vastu Consultant in Goa,Vastu Consultant in Gujarat,Vastu Consultant in Haryana,Vastu Consultant in Himachal Pradesh,Vastu Consultant in Jammu and Kashmir,Vastu Consultant in Jharkhand,Vastu Consultant in Karnataka,Vastu Consultant in Kerala,Vastu Consultant in Madhya Pradesh,Vastu Consultant in Maharashtra,Vastu Consultant in Manipur,Vastu Consultant in Meghalaya, Vastu Consultant in Mizoram,Vastu Consultant 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Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR Vastu Consultancy in Delhi NCR Vastu Consultancy services in Delhi Best Vastu Consultants in Delhi Free Vastu Tips & Free Vastu Advice Vastu consultancy services available as per Scientific logics & Vastu for homes, Vastu for flats, Vastu for bedroom, Vastu For Plots. Vastu for health, Vastu for wealth & Vastu for harmony. By the world renowned. Vastu Consultant. The best Vastu advice & Vastu consultancy services by the internationally acclaimed Vastu adviser for Vastu for Interiors. Most experienced Vastu advice for all. Vastu for exteriors. Vastu for interior decoration as per Vastu. Professional Vastu guidance for Vastu for Business, Vastu for Shops, Vastu for Offices & Vastu for Corporate office. Accurate & most scientific Vastu guidance for Corporate houses. Vastu for profitability of Business. Vastu for best earnings. High class Vastu audits for Factories, Vastu Audits for industries & Vastu remedies. Contact for Vastu Consultation. Vastu corrections without demolition. Vastu tips for running best industries. Vastu guidance for best industrial growth. Vastu Courses for Students seeking to make their career in Vastu Shastra. Learn Vastu Scientifically. Vastu learning programs & certificate courses of Vastu for one Month. Vastu courses for two months. Vastu classes for three months. Join Vastu Shastra Courses. Vastu consultant, Vastu adviser, Vastu advisor, Vastu guide, Vastu auditor, Vastu surveyor, Vastu counsellor, Vastu specialist, Vastu expert, Vastu professional, Vastu authority, Vastu pandit, Feng Shui Consultants, Feng Shui Master, Vastu pundit, Vastu veteran, Vastu master, Vastu mentor, Vaastu consultant, Vaastu adviser, Vaastu advisor, Vaastu guide, Vaastu auditor, Vaastu surveyor, Vaastu counsellor, Vaastu specialist, Vaastu expert, Vaastu professional, Vaastu authority, Vaastu pandit, Vaastu pundit, Vaastu veteran, Vaastu master, Vaastu mentor


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