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In medical science the soft and balanced ultra violet rays are produced artificially on account of their disinfections and germicidal properties. Here we can well appreciate the scientific logic behind locating a kitchen in South-Eastern zone of a house besides the above, the South-Eastern direction is the hotter zone as compared to North, East and North-East, so heat related activities shall helpful in hot zone. It is forbidden in Vastu to place the kitchen in South-West zone because that the hottest direction, hence not comfortable for human beings to work in. Secondly, excessive heat in South-West may deteriorate the food-stuffs and it may ruin the health. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Select the Vastu consultant who is largest experienced. Now when the finest Vastu advice available in your city then don't compromise... This is unique. Choose the best Vastu expert because we deal Vastu with logic.. No space for superstition as here we are to provide the best in class Vastu advice. Excellent Vastu consultancy services are provided by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Best people always choose the best Vastu consultant. The perfect Vastu consultant always gives the perfect Vastu advice as an expert Vastu Consultant. So instead of creating various ifs and buts, go for the true and logical Vastu & ask your Vastu Shastri to give you clear logical reasonings behind each remedy being explained by him. Thanks for the interest shown
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