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Following are the points explaining the best interior of a drawing room if located in North West :- 1) The seating in the drawing room should be such that the family members should face to the East or North while attending the guests and the guests should face West or South while talking to the family members. 2) The colours in the drawing room, as it is in the NW, should be green, light blue, light grey etc. Colours related to fire element should be completely avoided like red, orange, bright pink etc. 3) Various religious symbols can be used at the entrance like sitting pose of Lord Ganesha or Om symbol or Swastik. 4) Laughing Buddha can be placed facing the entrance. 5) Wind Chime of 6 pipes and made up of metal which is silver, golden or white in colour and having a soothing sound can be used. 6) Lastly the drawing room can be well illuminated by some beautiful looking chandeliers or fancy lights. Top vastu experts in Greater Noida, Senior Vastu Consultants in Gurugram, Vastu advisers in Old Delhi, Vastu Consultants in north Delhi, Astro vastu consultants in GBD, True Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu for Home in Consultant Vastu
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