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The central idea of this module is the knowledge of obtaining accurate directions. It is explained how we can know the approximate directions with the traditional methods like looking at the sun at the time of sun rise and by looking at the pole star. The demerits of these methods is discussed like how the tilt of earth, along with its rotation and revolution, results in apparent movement of sun, along North South direction, during the entire year. Similar is the case with the pole star also. Therefore to get the accurate direction it is suggested to use the compass. Various different types of compasses are discussed like needle type compass which is most reliable and accurate and digital compass, sun dial, compass in wrist watch etc. The Best Vaastu Consultant in Delhi, The best Vaastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Best Vaastu Consultant in Ghaziabad, Best Vaastu Consultant in Noida, Faridabad Best Vastu Consultants,
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