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Vastu merits of the kitchen, when located in South East are as follows :- 1) The biggest merit is that South East is considered to be the direction of element Fire, which is one of the Panchmahabhootas, and making kitchen here goes in line with the rule as majority of the fire related activities happen in kitchen only. 2) As we all know that the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees to its axis, and due to its subsequent movement around the sun, South East direction receives the balanced amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun, which further helps in maintaining proper heat and preservative qualities. 3) The intensity of the light is comfortable the entire day in this direction so it helps in improving overall comfort and hygienic level. 4) The general flow of wind from West to East also helps in keeping the ventilation good in this direction. Best Vastu advice, Vastu for new plot, Vastu for New House, Vastu for Duplex Home, Vastu for Flats, Vastu for main entrance, Hoew to check directions, Vastu DFor South Facing home
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