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Bedroom's internal setting, decoration, comfort, luxury etc of a modern lifestyle may also be cause of sleeplessness and ill health. This is a very common thing in today's scenario. Let's take them individually : 1) Internal setting : Nowadays there is more a concept of staying in flats, where space is limited and structural changes are difficult. There can be cases where the bed is placed in a way that the person's head faces in North while sleeping, which is a big no as head is considered north of the body and similar poles repel each other. This may lead to uneasiness and disturbed sleep. Another example can be the open space behind the head while sleeping, which is again considered a cause of disturbed sleep. Vastu for sound sleep, Vastu for Medicines, Best Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu Consultant in Noida, Best Vastu Gurugram area, Free Vastu Tips, Best Vastu Guru in Delhi

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The Ireland hob type kitchen is a concept where the slab of the stove is usually in the middle of the kitchen, allowing the access from all around or three sides at least, with chimney fitted directly upon the fire place. This type of kitchen is again Vastu friendly kitchen as more or less is based on the modular kitchen concept only except hob being in the center. As we are already aware of the benefits and Vastu compliance of the modular kitchen and discussed above as well, so we can say that its a Vastu friendly kitchen. The only concern being that hob is in the center and normally center is considered as Bramha Sthan, so doubt may arise that it's not Vastu friendly, But as kitchen, staircase, bathrooms etc don't have a Bramha Sthan so it is ok to have the stove in the center. Further added advantages of Ireland type kitchen are that space is utilized in more practical way and all the four stoves can be easily used simultaneously, if required in case of some gathering and all. Vastu for business, vastu for money, vastu for children, vastu for wedding, vastu for daughters marriage, best vastu consultant in delhi ncr, top most vastu expert, vastu expert remedies without demolition

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following are the demerits if the kitchen is located non appreciated directions as per Vastu (with respect to the non-appreciated direction):- 1) North East : This direction is considered to be the direction of element water and as we all know that water and fire are of totally opposite nature, and have a tendency of completely destroying each other, so the harmonic balance, which is the whole idea of Vastu, is not attained. 2) South West : This is the direction of storage of all the positive energy of house. Making a kitchen here would result in burning up of all the positive energy, therefore kitchen is big no in this direction. 3) Centre or Bharam Sthan : The center of any building should always be open as it is a very sensitive part of Vastu purush. Not only kitchen but making any other thing is also not advisable here and should be left open or vacant, which goes well with the element space. Vastu for bramha sthan, south facing house vastu, free vastu tips for south, vastu for love, bedroom vastu, harmony vastu, best vastu consultant, best vastu expert, delhi vastu consultants

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Vastu merits of the kitchen, when located in South East are as follows :- 1) The biggest merit is that South East is considered to be the direction of element Fire, which is one of the Panchmahabhootas, and making kitchen here goes in line with the rule as majority of the fire related activities happen in kitchen only. 2) As we all know that the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees to its axis, and due to its subsequent movement around the sun, South East direction receives the balanced amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun, which further helps in maintaining proper heat and preservative qualities. 3) The intensity of the light is comfortable the entire day in this direction so it helps in improving overall comfort and hygienic level. 4) The general flow of wind from West to East also helps in keeping the ventilation good in this direction. Best Vastu advice, Vastu for new plot, Vastu for New House, Vastu for Duplex Home, Vastu for Flats, Vastu for main entrance, Hoew to check directions, Vastu DFor South Facing home

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One of my cousin, staying in a flat, has drawing room towards west north west. There is a window towards the back side that is west and it is a pretty big window, which I find little negative, as being in drawing room it is mostly kept open. In this case although the drawing room is in its dedicated direction but this big window makes the design not so good. Furniture used was quite ok but the curtains used where of very thin material and light shade to keep the room lighted. I think the window should be used less and he should put thick and heavy curtains towards west. Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu shastra consultant delhi, best vastu shastra, best vastu book in hindi, vastu experts near me, vastu consultant near me,

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Drawing room in South East. One of my friend is having the drawing room in South East direction. I have so many times observed that when ever any party or get together have happened there, it has resulted in some fight or argument between someone always. On the other hand same people doing party at the same guys terrace have good time mostly. The reason I feel is as south east is the corner of fire so all these hot talks on small small issues are expected. Vastu for health, Vastu Consultant for Wealth, Vastu For Becoming Rich, Vastu for Medicine, Vastu for Daughter Marriage, Vastu for Sons Marriage, Best Vastu consultant near me

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Now if the drawing room is in other direction except North West, probably If we consider North East for example as it is the second best direction of drawing room, than basically the principles would remain the same like seating directions and beautification and keeping room clutter free. The things that would make the difference would be the furniture should be light and as less as possible. Further if its in any other direction as well than we can use the colours of the walls accordingly as per the prevailing element. West facing house plan, consultancy in delhi, vastu vihar, vastu architect, Vastu drawing, vastu design, elevation vastu,

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Following are the points explaining the best interior of a drawing room if located in North West :- 1) The seating in the drawing room should be such that the family members should face to the East or North while attending the guests and the guests should face West or South while talking to the family members. 2) The colours in the drawing room, as it is in the NW, should be green, light blue, light grey etc. Colours related to fire element should be completely avoided like red, orange, bright pink etc. 3) Various religious symbols can be used at the entrance like sitting pose of Lord Ganesha or Om symbol or Swastik. 4) Laughing Buddha can be placed facing the entrance. 5) Wind Chime of 6 pipes and made up of metal which is silver, golden or white in colour and having a soothing sound can be used. 6) Lastly the drawing room can be well illuminated by some beautiful looking chandeliers or fancy lights. Top vastu experts in Greater Noida, Senior Vastu Consultants in Gurugram, Vastu advisers in Old Delhi, Vastu Consultants in north Delhi, Astro vastu consultants in GBD, True Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu for Home in Consultant Vastu

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The central idea of this module is the knowledge of obtaining accurate directions. It is explained how we can know the approximate directions with the traditional methods like looking at the sun at the time of sun rise and by looking at the pole star. The demerits of these methods is discussed like how the tilt of earth, along with its rotation and revolution, results in apparent movement of sun, along North South direction, during the entire year. Similar is the case with the pole star also. Therefore to get the accurate direction it is suggested to use the compass. Various different types of compasses are discussed like needle type compass which is most reliable and accurate and digital compass, sun dial, compass in wrist watch etc. The Best Vaastu Consultant in Delhi, The best Vaastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Best Vaastu Consultant in Ghaziabad, Best Vaastu Consultant in Noida, Faridabad Best Vastu Consultants,

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Vastu is the science of directions as it combines all the five elements of nature, called Panchmahabhootas , and balance them with the man and it's habitat. Vastu, as we have studied till now, creates a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in the most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by these 5 elements of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Now since all these 5 elements are associated with their particular directions so we can very well say that the Vastu is science of directions. Senior Vastu Consultants in Model Town, Expert Vastu Consultant in Faridabad, Vastu advisers in West Delhi, Top vastu experts in Ghaziabad, Delhi Vastu Classes, Expert Vastu Consultant in South Delhi, Senior Vastu Consultants in Greater Noida, Vastu advisers in