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Dr Anand Bhardwaj also deals in Commercial Vastu, VASTU FOR OFFICES, VASTU FOR SHOPS etc. Dr Bhardwaj is one of the most popular names that Vastu Tips for the House, Residential Vastu, Vastu Tips for the Children’s Room & Vastu tips for Bathroom also include in the Vastu advice. Vastu Tips for Bedroom. As well as Vastu Tips for Kitchen are the topics on which Dr Anand will give lecture in the Architectural colleges. Vastu Shastra is not a superstition; it is a way of living in harmony with nature. Vastu consultant in Gurgaon vastu consultants in Delhi Best Vastu consultant in India Vastu Shastra Consultants in Dwarka Best Vastu Experts in India world's Top ten Vastu consultants

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One fine day I met a strong Vastu believer who was looking for the Astrology and Vastu Consultant in India and also the Best TV Astrologer in India. He told he is a firm Vastu believer & want Vastu expert in Delhi NCR including the Best vastu Consultant in Gurgaon. On the other hand few people look for the Religious Vastu Expert in Delhi. Those who are God fearing, look for Temples vastu Expert in Gurgaon & similar cities like Ghaziabad. Commercial Vastu Expert in Delhi are available in big number but experts Vastu advisers or Vastu experts are difficult to identify. Vastu consultant in ghaziabad vastu advisers in Ghaziabad Best Vastu expert in Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Vastu consultancy residential Vastu in Ghaziabad Best Vastu experts in Ghaziabad Top most Vastu consultant in Ghaziabad Best Vastu Ghaziabad

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Books n files towards his left. Accounts and records should never be placed in South East. The basic principle of north east being light and low and South west being high and heavy is also applicable in business Vastu as well. The Vastu tenets put a lot of impacts on the nature of people. As per Vastu each of the direction is related to one of the five major elements. So for example if someone in the house is staying in South East direction, which is also known as fire corner, than naturally his nature would become hot and he would develop a habit of loosing temper easily. Even in office if suppose reception is made in this corner, than there would be frequent altercations and hot talks as this corner is related to heat. Similarly if someone is having a very cool nature and we place him in South East than we would definitely see the changes in his nature. In this way the Vastu tenets influence the nature of the inmates. Vastu Consultant in Mauritius best Vastu in Mauritius The Vastu Experts in mauritius vastu experts in mauritius mauritius best vastu consultants vastu shastra mauritius vaasthu shastra experts in mauritius best vastu consultant in ghaziabad

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The general guidelines of Vastu for business are as follows : 1) The square or rectangular shaped premises should be preferred as compared to any multi corner or cut cornered area. 2) Singh mukhi or lion faced premises is also considered very auspicious. 3) Gau Mukhi premises should be avoided. 4) The owner or the head should be seated in South West direction. 5) The second senior should be placed in South or West adjacent to owner. 6) The face of accountants should be towards North. 7) Sales man should be given north west corner. Vastu India, Indian vastu consultants provider services on vastu shastra, vastu home, vastu house, vaastu consultant, vastu consultant, vastu for office, vastu for interior vastu for facade vastu for lobby

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Vastu is very much associated with money. For living a good and comfortable life money is very much needed, in fact mostly everyone works and aims for a comfortable life secure at financial aspects. Vastu helps in money gains by harnessing the positive cosmic vibrations. According to Vastu North is the direction of Lord Kuber, the lord of the wealth. Vastu for child disese, vastu for personal life, vastu for harmony of in-laws, best vastu consultant in New Delhi, Vastu for the Library Room, Best Vastu advisers, the top Vastu experts in Delhi commercial vastu expert vastu corrections without demolition astrovastu shastri

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As told, the directions were discussed with the parents and students. Children were told to change the facing while studying. From positive directions to negative : Observation : students were not very focused and were getting up regularly in between, although few of them were able to sit for long. Ratio being around 70 percent to 30 percent. Vastu Books in Hindi, Hindi me Vastu ki Book, Best Vastu ki Book in Hindi, In Hindi Language Best Vastu book, Vastu Shastra Books In Hindi Best, Vastu par sabse uttam pustak, HIndi Me Vastu ki pustak,

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As studying is considered as a devotion to Goddess Saraswati so the students should have faith and respect towards studying. The study room should be cleaned regularly and study table shoul be respected probably. Eating food or playing games on study table should be avoided. The room should be kept free from any posters of film stars, fighters, animals etc. No junk should be placed in study room as well as study table. Old and unused pens should be cleared. The colour of the walls should be light and sober and lighting should be adequate, not too bright and not too dim. Few points related to study tables are discussed : Vastu consultancy services in delhi top most vastu consultancy services best industrial vastu consultancy best vastu consultant in gurgaon vastu consultants in gurugram professional vastu in gurgaon

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Starting with TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA meaning God lead me from darkness to enlightenment. As well all know that study is a very important and integrated part of our society now a days. It is very important that the kids should be given best education possible and if Vastu is considered along than definitely better results can be expected. The location of the study room as per Vastu should be in North East, North or East directions as these directions receive the positive vibrations. Morning sun light and fresh air enhances the room with positivity and it helps in concentration. While studying the face should be towards east and north only, and North in particular if preparing for some competitive exams. vastu consultants in chennai vastu shastra chennai vastu for chennai industrial vastu consultant in chennai vastu consultants for office in chennai best vastu chennai madras vastu consultants

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According to Vastu the positive facing for students is East and North directions. Facing to the East and studying helps a lot in day to day study till school level but when studying for competitive entrance exams and other carrier related study, face should be towards North direction. Facing these directions help in building up concentration as positive vibrations coming from North and East are absorbed by us. free vastu tips for bedroom vastu rules for south west facing vastu for drawing room vastu for unmarried daughter vastu for unmarried sun vastu consultants in delhi vastu experts in noida

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The following are the positive directions for a study room in a house : - North East direction - East direction -North direction - West direction - North west direction The scientific logic behind this is that these directions receive supportive rays from sun light, fresh air, and positive magnetic field. Therefore as overall positive vibrations are received in these directions and hence study room is advised to be placed here. Fresh air and positive sun rays help in making concentration and keeping the mind fresh. Vastu professionals in delhi, best vastu consultancy in delhi, best vastu services in delhi, delhi vastu consultancy, free vastu consultancy services in delhi , expert vastu consultants, the best vastu consultants in delhi