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The Vastu principles as defined by the Rishis and the Saints are based on maintaining the Samajik Vyavastha or Social system that tries to maintain and keep intact the delicate balance between humans and the environment(nature) they exist in. Since the basic five elements or the pancha bhootas are all part of our nature , vastu shastra works in defining the principles using these natural elements in ways to protect our environment and nature forever. It is basically the guidelines to use and maximize the benefits of natural forces and cosmic energies existing in this universe for human good and betterment of life and growth of body and soul. Vastu Consultant in Industrial Area, Vastu Consultant in Bawana, Vastu Consultant in North Delhi, Vastu Consultant in South Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Jamuna Paar, Vastu Consultant in East Delhi, Vastu Consultant in West Delhi, Vastu Consultant in GT Road, more information call 9811656700
Vastu can be essentially defined as principles of having living spaces and creating environments conducive for promoting good energies, health, wealth and overall prosperity for the inmates of the abodes occupied. Vastu is essentially working with nature itself as we use the five basic elements of nature to create suitable environments for humans to occupy and live the lives in best possible ways and environment.It is essentially working in harmony with nature. Vastu Consultant in Kerala, Vastu Consultant in Madhya Pradesh, Vastu Consultant in Maharashtra, Vastu Consultant in Manipur, Vastu Consultant in Meghalaya, Vastu Consultant in Mizoram, more information call 9811656700
The relationship between Vastu and nature is one of co existence. Vastu Shastra is based on the basic five elements of Nature (Earth, Space, Fire, Water and Air) and how they relate to the harmonious living of humans on this planet. All of the principles of Vastu define the means to best use the natural energies of the universe to maximize the benefit in terms of health, wealth, family life, prosperity and spiritual growth of the humans based on the design, directions and positions of living spaces or dwellings. Vastu Consultant Sohna Road, Vastu Consultant in Sector, Vastu Consultant in Sector 15, Vastu Consultant in Rohini, Vastu Consultant in Ashok Vihar, Vastu Consultant in Lajpat Nagar, Vastu Consultant in New Friends Colony, Vastu Consultant in Defence Colony. more information call 9811656700
Vastu is an age old science of direction derived from our great epics like Rigveda. It defines a systematic approach that combines all the five elements of nature and guides to balance them with man and materials. It is all about creating a positive environment for all round comfort, well being and peace of mind for each living beings on this mother earth. It aims to create subtle conducive atmosphere in structure in which we can bring the best in ourselves, Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR, Vastu Consultant in Okhla, Vastu Consultant in Greater Kailash, Vastu Consultant in South Extension, Vastu Consultant in Industrial Area, Vastu Consultant in Bawana, Vastu Consultant in North Delhi, Vastu Consultant in South Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Jamuna Paar, Vastu Consultant in East Delhi, Vastu Consultant in West Delhi, Vastu Consultant in GT Road, Vastu Consultant Sohna Road, Vastu Consultant in Sector, Vastu Consultant in Sector 15, for more information call 9811656700
Vastu Consultant For Direction How to check the directions is a very important part for Vastu believers. If the directions are checked accurately by us then the Vastu calculations are truly good, but if the Vastu directions are not properly checked, then the Vastu tenets may be applied wrongly. So how to find the directions with magnetic compass is a typical point which needs expert. A common man can not determine the 100% accurate direction in terms of Degrees, minutes & seconds. When we are deciding other factors related to construction, then Vastu for Overhead Water Storage Tank and under ground water tank are important to be noted. Overhead tank as per Vastu be located in the best direction meant for overhead water storage tank or OH water tank because this factor depends upon the building’s main structure. We cannot force any builder to place the OH tank in our desired place but we should find out the best solution after consulting to our Vastu adviser. Similarly it is said that well begun half done and incase of drawing room that Saying is appropriate when talking about Vastu for Drawing Room. Drawing room Vastu be set at the most unstable direction from where the guests go fast. Vastu for family Relations is dependent upon many factors like Vastu for Mirrors because the mirror should not face the bed. Mirror Vastu is in itself a big topic in which all the factors related to Vastu mirrors or Mirrors Vastu are discussed. Vastu consultancy services in southern Hemisphere: Vastu Consultants in USA normally work like India Vastu but the different part of America has different vibrational back ground so while doing a Vastu consultancy in America or US, the consultant should look at the longitudes & latitudes first. Likewise Vastu Consultants in Australia should be careful about the energy path in Australia. Vastu in Perth, Vastu in Canberra, Vastu in Sydney etc are many sites which I have dealt so far. There the qualified Vastu consultant is successful who uses his presence of mind. Vastu Consultants in Dubai should study the nature there because Vastu in Dubai or Vastu in UAE is to be discussed in terms of ocean, air flow, sun shine etc. This needs a good calculation to decide the Vastu factors in Dubai. There are many hotels in Dubai under construction including Sharjah, AlHamra, Aljazeera, etc. While discussing about Vastu for Office one may ask for free Vastu tips. Free Vastu Tips are not as per expectation. It is not because the Vastu Shastri does not want to disclose it rather it has limitation of directions. So do not choose anything free because that is not complete. One should do the best & choose the best possible. for more information call 9811656700
Vastu, The age old Indian science of architecture and directions: Vaastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. Vaastu is an ancient science of cosmic vibrations Vastu Consultants Rajasthan, vastu consultant in Rajasthan, Vastu Consultants In Rajasthan, Best vastu shastra consultant in Rajasthan, Vastu Consultant Jaipur, Vastu Consultants Jaipur, vastu consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultants In Jaipur, Best vastu shastra consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultant Bangalore, Vastu Consultants Bangalore, vastu consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultants In Bangalore, Best vastu shastra consultant in Bangalore for more information call 9811656700
The five elements namely : Earth, fire, Air, Water and Space (Sky) are the basic elements that make up our nature. These elements play a very important role in our lives and a proper understanding and knowledge of these elements and their effects will help man live a good to great life filled with prosperity, good health, wealth and fortunes for self and the family in a congenial atmosphere, Vastu consultant in india, Vastu Consultant in Andhra Pradesh, Vastu Consultant in Arunachal Pradesh, Vastu Consultant in Assam, Vastu Consultant in Bihar, Vastu Consultant in Chhattisgarh, Vastu Consultant in Goa, for more information call 9811656700
Vastu today can be defined as set of principles or laws that have been derived from the scriptures to help humans live with nature and have the best conducive environments for overall growth, prosperity, health and positive energy flow. They define the architecture or plans of living spaces most conducive to humans to live based on structural placements, directions and locations of inmates to maximize the positive energy flow in a dwelling based on natural energy flow. Vastu Consultant in Nagaland, Vastu Consultant in Odisha(Orissa), Vastu Consultant in Rajasthan, Vastu Consultant in Sikkim, Vastu Consultant in Tamil Nadu, Vastu Consultant in Tripura, Vastu Consultant in Uttar Pradesh. more information call 9811656700
These five elements define the total cycle of life for a human being, starting from birth and youth and adulthood , old age and finally death. These five elements reside in the nature in a specific predetermined proportion and are governed by the principles of creation. A study of the effect of these five elements is necessary to appreciate the science of vastu in its true spirit and also to get answers to questions regarding its effects. Vastu Consultant in Gujarat, Vastu Consultant in Haryana, Vastu Consultant in Himachal Pradesh, Vastu Consultant in Jammu and Kashmir, Vastu Consultant in Jharkhand, Vastu Consultant in Karnataka. for information call 9811656700