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Vastu Shastra explains the interior positioning and placement of vastu friendly kitchen in detail. It is advised that the sink and taps should be located at the north or North east corner, electrical appliances like microwave, mixer –grinder should be placed in the South of South East corner. The Fridge is the ideally positioned in the North West area. The ‘Angithi’ stove or oven should be placed along East or South-Eastern wall. Facing East while cooking is considered to be the best arrangement. The dinning should not be encouraged in the kitchen in order to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. The used dirty utensils must be cleaned after each meals so that no bacteria may flourish in the kitchen. One fine day I met a strong Vastu believer who was looking for the Astrology and Vastu Consultant in India and also the Best TV Astrologer in India. He told he is a firm Vastu believer & want Vastu expert in Delhi NCR including the Best vastu Consultant in Gurgaon. On the other hand few people look for the Religious Vastu Expert in Delhi. Those who are God fearing, look for Temples vastu Expert in Gurgaon & similar cities like Ghaziabad. Commercial Vastu Expert in Delhi are available in big number but experts Vastu advisers or Vastu experts are difficult to identify. Multiplex Vastu Consultant in Delhi use to guide the client about the box office & theatre etc. whereas Vastu Expert for Kitchen in Delhi ncr deals best in Residential Vasstu.
Vastu Consultant in Delhi Writes: Vastu derives its knowledge from the previous module and introduces guidelines for building various facilities in a house along with key interior details. It mainly focuses on study room, electrical area, toilets/washrooms, water tanks and storage areas. We can see the fundamental concepts being applied here which we learned in the previous level course. For example, the south-west direction should be higher, dry and have more weight factor. Since almirah and cupboards are considered heavy objects, it is recommended to be kept in south and west directions in a room. Another example is avoiding toilets in north-east direction since it is the holiest direction whereas for the same reason study room is preferred to be built in this direction. Similar to previous module, it gives all the potential options for building a facility or area in a building along with their preference order which simplifies the designing process of a house. For example, the kitchen can be in south-east (best) and north-west (second best). However, if someone needs to build a TV room or gym and the south-east corner is not large enough then one can build the kitchen in north-west and gym in south-east. However, one must acquire the comprehensive knowledge in order to make appropriate decisions regarding the location of each area/room. It also talks about the underground and overhead water storage tanks. More importantly, it clarifies some misconceptions in addition to the necessary details such as why and how overhead and underground water storage tanks differ from each other in Vastu. Indian vastu plans Vastu consultancy services also covers: Vastu consultancy services, Vastu consultancy services in india, Vastu consultancy services in delhi, Vastu consultancy services in gurgaon, Vastu consultancy services in faridabad, Vastu consultancy services in noida, Vastu consultancy services in greater noida, Vastu consultancy services in Ghaziabad,
As our way of life changed we started to loose that connection and gave up a lot of these principles, either because they were no longer possible – as when we rent a house we have no saying as how it was built – or because they made no more sense to us – like why placing the kitchen in the Southeast. Our technological development has created certain needs and comforts and has surrounded us with daily use appliances that are themselves the sources of other energies that disrupt the normal flowing of the natural forces and create, as said in the question, our own “unnatural sphere of waves and vibrations.” Things like mobile phone, wireless equipment, electrical energy and lightning, microwave ovens, modems, as well as much of the tools and instruments used in every profession are constantly emitting an electromagnetic field, microwave field, radiowave field and even radioactive field and all of them affect us directly and also our relationship with the natural energies.
Vastu for home & Vastu for kitchen: The Vastu friendly kitchen can be very useful for healthy cooking & healthy food. Explain in details the interior positioning and placement of a Vastu friendly kitchen. Vastu Shastra has basic concerns like to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, provide a large area for food preparation, ensuring the safety of the cook, the position of the kitchen, to attract most of the positive influences in the structure. The ideal area or a dream kitchen is in the Southeast corner of the building / house/ villa. The sub-direction located between East and south is termed as “Fire” corner. Maximum intensity of this Vastu corner lies in extreme corner of southeast direction. This area ensures the best possible sunrays which has inbuilt properties to destroy bacteria and germs. The Vastu friendly kitchen provides us healthy cooking and healthy food. The interior positioning and placements of a Vastu friendly kitchen are: (1) Sink and taps – should be located at the North or Northeast corner. (2) Electrical appliances like mixer – should be placed the South of Southeast corner. (3) Fridge – should be placed in Northwest area (4) Stove or Oven - should be placed along East or South-Eastern wall facing East while cooking. (5) Storage of kitchen items like pulses, cereals etc – in South or Western walls. (6) Kitchen Cabinets / Cupboards - on South or Western walls. This location of cabines protects the cooks from harmful afternoon’s infrared radiations from the sunrays. (7) Kitchen counter tops – should be of marble or stone. (8) To maintain cleanliness, dinning table should not be placed in the kitchen. (9) The used, dirty utensils should be washed after each use, to avoid flourishing of bacteria in the kitchen. (10) Kitchen cabinets should be detachable as far as possible so that dusting, washing, cleaning becomes easy. And these parts can easily be sun dried to disinfect when required. (11) Good light and light colours inside the kitchen should be used which enables us to see and get rid of unwanted or unhygienic particles or insects.