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Vastu Tip of the day: It is said that the buildings that can receive the morning sunrays is called the most auspicious one because there are numerous benefits of the morning sunrays. It produces Vitamin D in the body which is essential for normal growth and development of bones. It also decreases the blood sugar, balances the blood pressure, decreases resting heart rate, decreases respiratory rate, decreases lactic acid in the blood and increases resistance to arthritis. Ultraviolet rays included in morning sun rays is an effective treatment for many diseases. We can find sun therapy being used in Naturopathy treatment of anemia, gouts, colitis, cystitis, arthritis, eczema, acne, herpes, lupus, sciatica, asthma, kidney related problems and even burns. Soft UV rays are also scientifically proven to be good for heart since it helps makes it stronger and pump more blood. If we have water storage in north-east direction, then sun rays purifies it (discussed in previous module) and hence this healthy water is good for domestic consumption. Therefore, it is said
Vastu Tips of the Day: In Vastu Shastra, the alignment of various premises has been formulated into two categories. One is Surya-bedhi and another is Chandra-bedhi. “Bedhi” means penetration and if the alignment is such that the sun rays can penetrate through doors, windows easily, it’s called Surya bedhi. Otherwise it’s called Chandra-bedhi. That’s why east and west facing premises are called Surya-bedhi because the morning soft heat sun rays can penetrate through doors, windows made in front & rear court yards. On the other hand, north and south facing premises are called Chandra-bedhi and will be exposed to extreme low temperature in north direction and high temperature in south direction. It will mostly be exposed to afternoon sun rays which are not as beneficial as morning sun rays. That’s why the Surya-bedhi is considered to be more auspicious in Vastu. In Vedic era, Harappa, the civilization of Sindhu-Valley etc., most of them are found to be Surya-bedhi. There are several health benefits of Surya-bedhi as morning sun rays work as natural germicide, fungicide and insecticide. Also, natural flow of the wind in east-west directions keep Surya-bedhi houses more receptive to the natural air conditioning thus removing the necessity of any artificial means to do the same.Interestingly, east-west alignment of streets naturally sweeps away dust, dry leaves etc. Otherwise, in south-north alignments, the wind does not get easy passage and hence the roads tend to accumulate the dust.. More heading are on my websites: Vastu teaching, Vastu class, Vastu course, Learn vastu, Learn vastu shastra Vastu class, Vastu classes, Vastu education, Vastu certificate, Learn vastu, Vastu consultant, Vastu consultants, Vastu consultancy, Vastu consultancy service, Vastu consultant in delhi, Vastu consultants in delhi, Best vastu consultant, How to become certified Vastu consultant, Certified Vastu Consultants, Certificate in Vastu, Diploma in Vastu
Free Vastu Tips: the harmful UV-C rays are absorbed by Ozone layer. Most of UV-B rays are also absorbed by the Ozone layer which prevents human beings from access exposure to ultraviolet rays otherwise it can cause diseases like skin cancer. If there is no Ozone layer or it gets destroyed, ultraviolet rays would probably destroy most of the plants and animal life on earth. So Ozone layer is mandatory for the survival on the earth. It’s produced by the photochemical reaction between high energy radiation from sun and ordinary oxygen molecule in the upper layer of earth’s atmosphere. However, there have been the production of certain products since many years which cause damage to Ozone layer. The Ozone molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen. Many aerosol products, which contain Chlorofluorocarbons, are heavily used in several industries. The ultraviolet exposure causes these Chlorofluorocarbons to break down into substances containing chlorine. One atom of chlorine is sufficient to destroy more than hundred thousand ozone molecules. The other similar products include refrigerator etc. That’s why the whole world is worried about the safety of Ozone layer. The best mode of protecting the Ozone layer is to avoid manufacturing or using any such product which can destroy the Ozone layer. Vastu consultant in gurgaon
Vayu Tatva In Vastu- Direction of Air Vastu: The Vastu direction of “Air” corner is north-west.It starts from the middle of north and goes upto middle of west direction, however, extreme values of this corner can be utilized near the extreme corner of north-west or west-north direction. In Indian climatic conditions, the wind mostly flows from west to east in 80% of area and more than 75% of the time throughout the year at macro level. However, at micro-level, the air element travels from high-pressure zone to low-pressure zone. If we analyze a house structure, its west area receives maximum sun rays since it faces sun all the time from afternoon to evening. Therefore, this area becomes hotter and the air pressure reduces in this direction. On the other side, there is no heat or minimal sun rays in the north direction. That’s why north direction is usually tranquil, cool and calm and hence has the maximum air pressure. The difference of the air pressure in these two adjoining directions causes the natural flow of air from north to west and hence north-west corner is associated with the air element. Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Faridabad, Vastu expert in Delhi, Vastu consultant in Pune, Vastu consultant in India, Vastu for factory, Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Vastu Consultants in Noida, Vastu Consultant in greater Noida, Vastu Consultant in delhi, Vastu expert in delhi,
Vaastu Shastra, the ancient mystical science has originated from India and is based on our age-old culture, traditions, geographical conditions, climatic conditions. Vaastu Shastra, a part of Vedas is believed to have originated four to five thousand years ago. Excerpted from the Stapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda; the principles of Vaastu Shastra set during those days were based purely on the effect of sunrays on a structure during different times of the day. Considered a purely technical subject, Vaastu Shastra was restricted only to the architects and their kin who were authorized to make observations and corrections made were after comprehensive screening of the situation. While ancient artifact term 'Vaastu' or dwelling to be the residing places or co-existence of God and Man, its depiction in modern times has been widened as it includes all buildings and structures irrespective of their use like residences, industries, business establishments, hotels etc. Vastu Consultant in South Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Jamuna Paar, Vastu Consultant in East Delhi, Vastu Consultant in West Delhi, Vastu Consultant in GT Road more information call 9811656700
• Shred all heavily dense plants and trees grown in the southern part of the house & let the bright sun rays enter into the abode. • For positive reception of heat from the sun one may slide the heavy curtains spread on the southern and western window panes Open maximum doors and windows & let the bright day light enter the house. This brings positivity. • Walking on dew clad grass gives many health benefits. Have a walk on it & enjoy this God gift every morning. This is a positive combination of water & space elements most appreciable combination & permutation in Vastu. vastu Consultants in Jammu and Kashmir, vastu Consultants in Jharkhand vastu Consultants in Karnataka, vastu Consultants in Kerala, vastu Consultants in Madhya Pradesh, vastu Consultants in Maharashtra, vastu Consultants in Manipur vastu Consultants in Meghalaya vastu Consultants in Mizoram vastu Consultants in Nagaland
It is apparent that humans are enveloped in magnetic & gravitational forces of the earth. He is also surrounded by various natural powers like earth’s innate electromagnetic field, air, sunrays & many other factors which continuously keep on affecting him. Vastu, the science of vibrations had observed, studied, calculated and analysed the characteristics and nature of various energies travelling from one direction to the other one, from space to earth & vice versa. On the basis of this observation it had put forth the principles of human’s dwelling. This phenomenon is based on the ‘Law of Nature’. The latest researches have tried to penetrate deep into the cause and resultant phenomena of this age old Vedic wisdom & found that under Vastu tenets all principles observe certain logical rules and regulations which constitute ‘Vastu Shastra’. Therefore it could lay down detailed guidelines on all aspects of human life on the earth to ensure good wealth, health, harmony & all round comfort. Vastu Consultant Gurgaon, Vastu Consultants Gurgaon, vastu consultant in gurgaon, Vastu Consultants In Gurgaon, vastu shastra consultant in Gurgaon, Best vastu shastra consultant in Gurgaon
Vastu Tip of the day: North-east (Ishaan) corner is said to be the best for water because the morning sun rays has the quality of killing bacteria and hence cleans the water. If this healthy water is used for domestic purposes, it would help in enhancing the health condition of all the people living in that building. If you need to store the water, it can be done in an underground tank in north east direction.That’s also why the roof slope of house is suggested from south-west to north-east direction so it can be stored in north east direction. The overhead tank in north-east direction for water storage is not good though because it increases the weight of north-east direction which is not preferred. The overhead water tank can be kept in north-west or middle of the west direction and this water should be continuously utilized and shouldn’t not be stored for long time. If you store water in south or west direction, it would be affected by too much hot and too much cool temperature variation and hence the water can get fungi, rotten, and contaminated with bacteria as well. Obviously, such water should never be used for domestic purposes as it would cause health damages. In addition, one should not store water for long time since stagnated water can also cause health issues.
Scientific Vastu By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, The Best Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon: Vastu is primarily an architectural science based on logical aspects which guides human beings to live in harmony with nature. It focuses on several basic environmental factors which are extremely important for human beings in order to attain hygiene, health, wealth and family’s harmony. For example, it suggests to intake enough sunlight, proper air and space which are required to maintain hygiene and good health. To elaborate, Vastu Shastra is based on all the calculations related to the environment, electromagnetic fields, gravitational forces and several other forms of cosmic energies. The goal is to maintain the balance of all five elements, also known as Panch MahaBhootas, in our life and take the benefits of all natural positive energies available to us. Below picture shows all five elements. There are several instances which demonstrate scientific aspects behind Vastu. To take an example, Vastu considers Surya Bedhi structure more auspicious than Chandra Bedhi. Naturally, Surya Bedhi houses can easily receive morning soft sunlight through entrance door or backyard windows etc. We have read earlier that morning sun rays are extremely beneficial for human beings in terms of health as it is the main source of Vitamin D. It also contains the property of killing bacteria so it is good for underground water which is stored in north-east corner. On the other hand, Chandra Bedhi houses are likely to be colder on north side and very hot in south portion of the house which might make human beings a bit uncomfortable. Another example is that a student should face north or east directions in order to receive positive energies. Therefore, Vastu is a science which defines the architecture of a building in such a way that the human beings can receive a healthy environment and constructive cosmic energies. Vastu courses dr., Vastu courses Dr. ji, Vastu courses In Gurgaon, Vastu courses In delhi, Vastu courses In new delhi, Vastu courses In Faridabad, Vastu courses In Ghaziabad, Vastu courses In town, Vastu courses In model town, Vastu courses In kirti nagar, Vastu courses In naraina, Vastu courses In south delhi, Vastu courses At city, Vastu courses At hindi, Vastu courses At English, Vastu courses At class Vastu courses At delhi kant, Vastu courses At delhi cantt,